Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why oh why?

Why is it that the weeks I really try to buckle down and get a lot of reading done are the weeks when I get the least accomplished?

To give you some perspective, I usually try to get at least 3 done a week (done) but lately I've been pushing 5-6 titles a week. Well, last week I got 2 done. This week, I did manage to squeeze out three, but one was actually on my review list for the wrong week so I read ahead on that one. But, I really wanted to get that 5-6 these past two weeks. 

I don't know what the hold up was, I really don't. I haven't been to the gym all that much, sadly. I turned my ankle on Tuesday and that kind of ruined me for Wednesday. Insomnia came calling and I was totally exhausted when I hit the gym on Thursday. And I've eaten crap all weekend so I'm in desperate need of picking it back up this week. Should be a little easier because I've scheduled a meet with a nutritionist to find out exactly how many calories I need to cut to start losing some weight -- I'm one of those who totally sabotages themselves when they don't see immediate results. Plus, food is one of my things, along with books, and movies, and music, food is a comfort thing, a celebration thing, and an occupying thing in times of boredom. And it's kind of a passion thing, too, cause I love to cook. Not good with my lazy college and post-college years metabolism. Blech.

Maybe that's why the reading blahs lately. But the confusing thing is that the books I've been reading have been really good. Ah well. I'm still trying to post everyday (and failing there as well), but I should get better once my reading has picked up a bit. And I'll pull out some more recs from the back of my closet as well. 

So that's what's up with me. Hope all is well with yous guys out there in reader land. I promise I will try to do better here!


Vickie said...

{HUGS} I hear ya sister!

Jennifer said...

Lots of happy thoughts sent to you. :) I'm almost finished with Maberry's Dead Man's Song (awesome), and I ordered the last one from amazon (can't wait!). After that I'll get back to your stack.