Saturday, April 4, 2009

Black and Blue

Not really, it just feels like it. Yep. I had my second session with the trainer and am debating about getting my butt over to the gym today. I had yesterday to recover and am able to walk down the stairs without pain again : )

He says no more stationary bike for me, though, because it doesn't work me out all that much (well that's the idea, I can feel productive and still read a book at the gym!). So now the funny sight is seeing me trying to read on the elliptical. I'm convinced it can be done, but right now it involves lots of tipping over on my part. Course that could be because my legs wanted to give out after the workout, too.

Ah well. I guess I can't be too lazy today. I already had some fast food and half a coke (big no nos for me right now), so I'll have to make up for it and head over there. Book I'm taking with me today, The Hunted by Wayne Barcomb. I've only just started so I'll have to keep you posted. But, I did promise a teen mystery post.

Last year I was asked to review Lauren Henderson's teen mystery debut, Kiss Me, Kill Me, a story in which a teenager girl's first kiss ends in death. Here's my review from the BB archives:

Every girl knows how hard it is to be a teenager. Scarlett Wakefield is one the very unlucky ones. When Scarlett is invited to attend a party thrown by one of the most popular girls at St. Tabby’s private school, she is elated. Her crush, Dan McAndrew will be there. Her two friends are understandably angry at being ditched, but Scarlett can always deal with that later. After all, this could finally be her chance with Dan. Everything is going fantastically well. She and Dan are talking, and then, magically, kissing, but something is wrong with Dan. Dan is dead and it seems like Scarlett must be cursed with the kiss of death. Shamed out of St. Tabby’s, Scarlett is whisked away by her grandmother to attend Wakefield Hall Collegiate. Wakefield Hall is a far cry from St. Tabby’s and being the headmistress’s granddaughter isn’t helping. At least no one knows about Scarlett’s killer past. There is even a boy at Wakefield, the gardener’s hot grandson. Scarlett can’t shake the horrifying memory of Dan’s death, however, or the guilty thought that it was all her fault and she vows to find out the truth at any cost. This is Henderson’s first young adult title and the start of what promises to be a great teen mystery series. It’s fun for adults as well. Henderson is no newbie to the mystery trade. She is the author of seven precious adult tart noir mysteries.

Scarlett exists in a very posh London and although she definitely has the means to be part of this exclusive world, she is very much a down to Earth, regular teen who is motivated more by friendship and love than money. Her discoveries in Kiss Me, Kill Me send her deeper into the investigation into Dan's death and in Kisses and Lies, she even wrangles an invite to Dan's own home estate in Scotland.

Henderson does a great job, in my opinion, of capturing the teen voice. I thought these were light, fun mysteries for teens, but a teenager's perspective is always best in these cases. One of the Junior Junkies snatched up Kiss Me, Kill Me as soon as I passed it along and while she refuses to write reviews for me (which would be sufficient payment in my mind for all the books I buy her), she was chomping at the bit, anxious for Kisses and Lies to hit shelves. I think that's as good as I'll get in the way of a thumb's up review from my actual teen acquaintances at this point. And considering that the JJs have begun the foray into the adult book world, the fact that Henderson appeals to this sister is a big plus for the author in my book. It means that she's perfect for teen readers, even those with a bit more mature taste. Suffice to say, if you're an adult mystery fan and want to ease your teen into the genre, this new series would be a great way to do it.

Next up on my teen horizon is another teen mystery/thriller, Bliss by Lauren Myracle and there are a ton of great ones coming out, too, so once I get my grubby hands on them, I'll let you know which ones to be on the lookout for.

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