Friday, April 24, 2009

What I Just Read

Yesterday I finished reading Jamie Freveletti's debut, Running From the Devil. In the book, Emma Caldridge, a biochemist and ultra-marathoner, is headed to Columbia for work (though you don't find out exactly for what until later) when her plane is hijacked and crashed. Thankfully, Emma is thrown clear of the wreckage and hidden when guerrillas round up the remaining passengers and trek off into the woods. Emma follows, close enough to keep to their path, but far enough behind to remain out of sight. Luckily, Emma is particularly qualified to survive in this situation. She is smart and resourceful and gutsy as hell. But can she stay alive long enough to be rescued? That's the question. And, Emma is hiding a secret that makes her particularly valuable to the forces around her. 

I thought this was a really exciting read. It moved fast and the plot was intriguing. Freveletti has clearly done a lot of research with regards to her subject, and her experience as a runner herself adds a lot to Emma's character. I hated having to put this one down. 

Freveletti's book hits shelves on Tuesday, May 5 and has already been chosen as an Indiebound Notable for next month. Freveletti is also a member of the International Thriller Writers, an organization consisting of some of the best in the thriller biz. Check here for more upcoming titles by ITW authors (trust me, you'll be adding plenty to your TBR lists). 

Alright, I'm going to go lay down and hope my headache goes away. Maybe I'll even watch a flick. 

Later readers. Sorry for the short post.  

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Vickie said...

Damn you woman! You had to show me a site for finding more cool books to read? ARGH!!! My shelves, my wallet!!!!

= )