Monday, April 27, 2009

A Music Post

Ok, I rarely do music posts at all, but it's mainly because I'm completely bored with regular radio play. I have recently discovered a new station in the Denver area, though, that seems to play my sort of thing. I've also gotten some music recs from my sisters, which brings me to the subject of this post -- my music purchases of late!

I've been very well behaved in not buying any books of late, but I've more than made up for it in music purchases and I thought I would give you the highlights:

My Chemical Romance - my current, absolute favorite additions to my music collection. I've purchased The Black Parade, The Black Parade B-Sides, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, and a couple of singles, including their remake of Desolation Row from the Watchmen soundtrack. I love it. It's loud and energetic and emotional and utterly fantabulous. I only wish that there were more video stations on tv these days because MCR have a great collection of them that are really worth watching. 

The Ting Tings - one thing about Apple is that whoever is choosing their commercial music shares a lot of my taste. The Ting Tings self named album is great, sort-of 80's style pop music that you just want to sing and dance along to. 

Silversun Pickups - I just bought this band's latest album, Swoon, which was released just this month. Now, one of their singles from their previous album ("Lazy Eye" from Carnavas) is actually the one that hooked me, but when I heard "Panic Switch" the first single from the new album, I had to have it. 

Does It Offend You, Yeah - I bought You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into after hearing two of this band's songs in different places. First, "We Are Rockstars" is the song that plays in the latest Fast and Furious trailer, and second, "Dawn of the Dead" (really the title is enough to hook me!) was in the movie American Teen, a fantastic documentary and Sundance fave that follows a group of teens in their senior year of high school - well worth the watch, and surprise, surprise, the st also features The Ting Tings and MGMT, amongst others. 

All of these are very different. My Chemical Romance is alternative, The Ting Tings are more pop, Silversun Pickups is also alternative, but not as hard as MCR, and Does it Offend You, Yeah is just Does it Offend You, Yeah. Seriously, they're a little hard to pin down because to me they have something of a unique sound. 

Anyway, each of these is on heavy rotation for me (MCR more so than the others right now). They're with me at the gym, while I'm reading, when I'm trying to fall asleep at night, and when I'm working especially. 

So, just a little snapshot of my playlist. I'm still looking for more stuff. MCR is working on a new album, but the others are fairly new. And since I seem to be on a roll here, hopefully I can find some more to tide me over for the next dry spell. I'm not kidding. The last time I bought this much music it was Damien Rice, Nickel Creek, Jem, Feist, and Jason Mraz, all of whom are on my list to buy new releases but all of whom I discovered around the same time -- such eclectic taste! 


Vickie said...

Just sent myself an email to look these up on Rhapsody, where I get my mp3 player tunes. I'll also ask my seester....she keeps me modern. = )

Becky LeJeune said...

Isn't is great to have a sister you can go to for that stuff?!