Friday, April 18, 2008

The UPS Fairy Visited My House Today

Jeri Smith-Ready's latest title has had a reserved space at the top of my TBR pile since I first heard about it. Here's the description from Amazon:

Newbie marketing intern Ciara Griffin lands a job at WMMP, a station threatened with being sold to Skyware, a giant communications conglomerate, unless ad revenue picks up. A former con artist with a canny way with people, Ciara soon learns that the DJs are undead and specialists in the musical eras in which they were turned into vampires. One of them, Shane McAllister (turned in 1995), is really hot and dangerously tempting. In order to attract more listeners, Ciara promotes a new marketing strategy and the Sherwood, Md., station becomes 94.3 WVMP, the Lifeblood of Rock and Roll, exploiting the fang factor (which no listener takes seriously) for profit. It works, until an ancient vampire cult wants to pull the plug. Also playing in is The Control, an equally ancient paramilitary group created to protect good vampires and kill bad ones. Smith-Ready's musical references are spot on, as is her take on corporate radio's creeping airwave hegemony. Add in the irrepressible Ciara, who grew up in a family of grifters, and the results rock.

My review copy just came in today and I am super excited! 

Some other recent acquisitions or mine include Adrienne Barbeau and Michael Scott's Vampyres of Hollywood. Another must have considering the fact that I actually know who Barbeau is (and you should, too. She's starred in such flicks as John Carpenter's The Fog - the original - and Escape From NY, and more recently the HBO show Carnivale).  Madeline Wickham's (aka Sophie Kinsella's) Sleeping Arrangements just joined my pile as well.

I'll be sure to let you all know how they are so you can decide if you want to add them to your stacks, too.

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Cheryl said...

Yes, please share how you like the book after you read it