Thursday, April 10, 2008

Posing an Interesting Question

I had an e-mail from Don Bruns yesterday and he brought up an interesting question - just what is the equivalent of chick-lit in men's fiction?

You know what I mean. Every once in a while you come across a humorous novel about men, written by men. Some authors (aside from Bruns, obviously) that come to mind (and their books) would be Harlan Coben's Myron Bolitar series (not his stand-alones). They may be a bit more gritty, but they are freaking hilarious. All you have to do is imagine yuppyfied Winn beating the crap out of someone! In a strange and twisted way, I would also put Christopher Moore in this category. Sure, he has more of a paranormal twist to his stuff, but they're still sick and twisted funny - they also fall firmly in the satire category in some cases. If these books were about women they would definitely be chick-lit (chick-lit mystery in Bruns and Coben's case - Janet E style), so what do you call it when it's for men?

Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is not something booksellers are going to start spouting on the sales floor! So in all seriousness, what would this sub-genre be called? Can you think of something?

The cover shot here, btw, is Don's new book due out this September in his new series. I really recommend that you check his stuff out. He's also got the Mick Sever Caribbean Mystery series out (I've not read these yet). It starts with Jamaica Blue, then comes Barbados Heat, South Beach Shakedown, and St. Bart's Breakdown.

Check out Coben's Bolitar series as well, if you haven't yet. Myron is an ex-pro-basketball player who blew out his knee and had to find something else to do. He has some sort-of shady past with an FBI gig, and now works as a sports agent. His clients are always in some sort of trouble, though, and it's usually up to Myron and Winn to fix it. Winn is Myron's Lula - if she were a yuppy ninja master!

As for Christopher Moore - the man has a totally twisted sense of humor - maybe it's from all the SPAM he ate in Hawaii! His stuff always has a paranormal twist to it, and I've only read a handful so far. Everyone's favorite seems to be Lamb, The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal. Sad to say, I have to admit to not having read this one just yet. I have read Dirty Job in which an unsuspecting average, everyday guy becomes a grim reaper. I have also read Lust Lizards of Melancholy Cove where a doc switches everyone's meds with placebo and a prehistoric lizard catapults the island into a bout of horniness! See what I mean... there's also the turkey bowling goodness that can be found in Bloodsucking Fiends and it's follow-up You Suck where another unsuspecting average guy is turned into a vamp just before he meets his dream girl.


Cheryl said...

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Marina said...

Nick Hornby is often considered men's chick-lit also.