Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I must be missing out!

I moved away (far away) from teen books at a pretty early age. I sometimes revisited them if an author I was particularly fond of had one out (the recent Joanne Harris title Runestones, for example). Other than that, I pay attention thanks to my sisters.

I tried for years to get them reading. There are three of them by the way. One was a reading queen - she was super competitive and so was of the mind that she had to be the best at everything, including the AR goals. She's now into chick-lit and has less time to read than the other two because she is always worried about homework What's up with that? When I was in school I hardly had any. It's so not fair that kids have no time for anything else these days.

Anyway, of the other two, one absolutely fell in love with Eragon and has been a junior junkie since and the other was apparently always a closet junkie - reading when she was supposed to be sleeping so no one ever knew.

I actually had a copy of Twilight. Mike picked it up for me thinking it sounded like something I would like, and it did except that it was a teen title. Meanwhile, junior junkie #1 had moved on from dragons to vamps, so I sent it to her. She LOVED it! My copy was early so she was one of the first to read it. I managed to snag an early copy of the second thanks to a friend, but she had to make mom go buy her the third. Now she is on pins and needles for the 4th! At least she gets a reprieve. The Host is already on its way to her doorstep she just has to wait a few more days.

This one is sure to cause some trouble between junkie #1 and junkie #2 since they've been swapping books due to economic troubles - yeah, on my part! They have me buy them books and ship them across 4 states saying that they never know what to buy! I have to say, I have read The Host. It was fantastic and now I am really wishing that I had held onto Twilight long enough to read it myself. Am sorely tempted to head out and buy the paperback so that I can no longer be one of the ones missing out! I'm waiting for the movie with as much anticipation as my sisters.

My snobbery is not because I feel I am too old for teen titles. It's simply this, I have so much to read that I can't branch out to teen stuff as well! I can definitely make room for the occasional one, though, before being the good sister and passing it along. A good book is a good book either way and Stephenie Meyer has an amazing following amongst both teens and adults.

I'm rambling here. Like I said, after The Host, I want to go read about Bella and Edward! The Host, pictured right, is due out May 6 and I highly recommend it, even if you aren't normally into paranormal titles. In fact, it focuses more on one pocket of the human resistance after the alien invasion and Wanderer who is an outsider amongst her own kind. Super fun!

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Cheryl said...

I must be one of the last people to read this series as I have not yet but I have a friend who has all three who is going to lend them to me.