Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Small Press You Should Get to Know

In an earlier post, I talked about how specific imprints publish certain types of books and how this could be helpful to readers looking for new authors. Another aspect of this is the small press. There are a ton of great small presses out there, some of them specialize in specific genres, some do a wide variety of things. Oceanview is just one of them, but it's the one I want to talk about today. Hit the link and you'll see that Oceanview does mostly mysteries and thrillers.  

When I was at LCC last month, I had the pleasure of meeting author Don Bruns. Don's title, Stuff To Die For, was nominated for a lefty and he and his buddy were campaigning pretty hard to get votes. It's a good thing, too, because this was the first time I noticed that I had not received a ballot! Anyway, I picked up a copy of Stuff out of curiosity and read it in one night. It was really that good!

Stuff is about two twenty-something, longtime buddies who are doing their best to make it big. They get the grand idea to start a hauling/moving company, but things turn south when they discover a severed finger in their first load. It's a  hilarious mystery set in Florida (a state that seems to inspire humorous mysteries), and filled with a great cast of characters. It's also the first in a new series and will be followed this fall by Stuff Dreams are Made of.

Don, by the way, is a great guy and he headed up the panel on character development. You can check out his site and his other titles (and a great short preview of Stuff) here.  

Oceanview releases about one new hardcover a month. I have four more of their titles in my TBR pile - Twisted Justice by Patricia Gussin, a mystery about a woman accused of murdering her husband's mistress (on shelves now), The Deal by Adam Gittlin a thriller concerning an investment scandal gone wrong (May 1), Rabbit in the Moon by husband and wife team Deborah and Joel Schlian which is an international thriller that takes place in China in 1989 (June 1), and finally the much awaited second installment to Don Bruns new series which is due out in September. 

With no less than 8 award winning titles under their belt, I'd be willing to bet that all of Oceanview's upcoming titles are nothing short of fantastic, and I urge readers to check them out. 


Cheryl said...

Ooh another book to add to my list to get.

Cheryl said...

P.S. Elizabeth Hoyt will be stopping by this Friday at my blog and she is giving away a book.