Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another Oldie but Goodie And He Has a New Book Coming Out

Author and artist Jonathan Santlofer is back with another "different" sort of murder mystery. Murder Notebook, follow-up to last year's Anatomy of Fear, is the second book to feature NYPD police sketch artist Nate Rodrigues. Santlofer, an artist of many means, also illustrates these mysteries (very cool!).

Santlofer is also the author of a trilogy of gruesome thrillers featuring Kate McKinnon. Kate, once a cop and now an art historian, is asked to assist on cases with what you might call artistic implications. In Death Artist, after killing a good friend of Kate's the murderer begins to communicate with her through his work - leaving intricate clues in art that only Kate can unravel. In book two, Color Blind, a killer uses his victims to create chilling works of art and Kate, after helping with the Death Artist, is once again called upon for her expertise. Finally, in the third installment to the series, Killing Art, Kate, after surviving the horrific incidents linked to the last case, is working on a new book about the "New York School" of painters. Unfortunately, her help is needed once again when a serial killer begins targeting collectors who happen to own pieces by these very same artists. 

Santlofer draws on his own art expertise to flesh out these art-based thrillers, giving readers interesting insight into the New York art scene, while also creating some fantastic page-turning mysteries. In Killing Art, Santlofer provides black and white artwork within the story that goes along with what you are reading. He continues this in his latest two titles. It's an innovative way to meld the two - art and murder mystery - making it a one-of-a-kind reading experience that I highly recommend! Be warned, Santlofer is wonderfully graphic.

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