Monday, April 14, 2008

I started reading

I started reading this book over the weekend. It's totally weird and wacky and, well, just weird.

The story begins with our erstwhile hero playing the part of tutor and morality coach to a teenage girl who lives on a private island off the Florida Keys. Turns out the girl is a clone of her "mother" who desperately wanted to experience motherhood. 

Part two begins with a nefarious plot on the part of a weird fundamental religious group to force their moral views on the rest of the world. The girl from part one has grown up and built a "city" in which she tries to do all sorts of good things - things the weird group believes are against the moral code in question.

Part three is the result of the end of part two. The girl has now taken drastic measures to address the moral ambiguity that so plagues much of the upper crust of their society. The tutor and she have a falling out when he disagrees with her methods. 

I have about 50 pages left of the book. At times it's gloriously verbose - like Morrow must have some sort of background in poetry. At other times, it's tedious in its weirdness. I've attempted to read Morrow before. The Last Witchfinder is all about a girl who attempts all sorts of learned measures to disprove witchcraft and the need for witch hunts (if I remember correctly). There is an event in her childhood that prompts this. She eventually meets Benjamin Franklin and they have a brief affair. It's a long and meandering story that I gave up on about three quarters of the way in.

Books like this make me feel dumb. Like there's something that I am just not getting. I am enjoying most of The Philosopher's Apprentice, but it's kind of Philosophy 101 meets a silly tale on morality. Some parts I get and others I don't. We'll see what lies ahead in the last 50 page chunk. 

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