Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Feeding the Habit

Yep, still can't figure out how to control the graphics on this thing!

Anyway, I am a book junkie. It's true. I am also a huge movie buff, and when these worlds collide I am usually a pretty happy camper. Coming to theaters this summer is the movie Blindness. It stars Julianne Moore, Sandra Oh, Gael Garcia Bernal, and the amazing Mark Ruffalo. It's also based on a book by Nobel Prize winning Portuguese author Jose Saramago. The adaptation is directed by Fernando Meirelles, the Brazilian director responsible for the film adaptation of The Constant Gardener. 

The story is this: everyone in a nameless town has been struck by sudden blindness. Everyone except the wife of an eye doctor. And that is all I know for now. You can check out the movie trailer here. Tell me this doesn't sound totally cool, though!

I have yet to read the book, obviously. But I have just been notified that my package with Blindness, and its sequel Seeing, has just been shipped and should arrive any day now - this is why this post is on feeding the habit. 

Yep, I knew that the movie was coming, and I had looked at the book quite a few times - it was actually The Double that first caught my attention. I usually buy without any consideration other than the fact that a book sounds interesting, so I have no explanation for the odd frugal choices that I make. Nope, none. Anyway, the situation has been rectified and I will be reading Blindness and probably Seeing before the movie is released in August. BTW, Seeing is linked 'cause Amazon has it bargain priced in hardcover right now. I figured my fellow addicts might be interested. 

Stay tuned for my thoughts on Blindness. I do some lit-fic occasionally, but usually opt for lighter fare (as you've seen) so I hope Saramago does not overwhelm me. But hey, I could handle Murakami! 

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