Friday, April 11, 2008


I hit up the bookstore today. Among today's purchases are:

Jack O'Connell's The Resurrectionist. It's a booksense pick this month and sounds really great. The book is being called part noir thriller and part fantasy. It's about a man whose son is in a coma. He's taken him to an asylum where doctors claim to have "resurrected" other patients in similar circumstances. The website is what really caught my initial attention. You can check it out for yourself here.

I also bought Susan Hubbard's Society of S. This is a sort of coming of age vampire tale. It's supposed to be quite different from the other vampire books that are out, though. Course my sister is totally enamored with anything having to do with the fanged wonders so I bought two copies of this one. The sequel, The Year of Disappearances, is due out in May.

Finally, the book that kept me up all night. A few days ago, I received a copy of Lee Martin's River of Heaven. I expected a very heavy sort-of literary piece, given the fact that Martin was a Pulitzer finalist. Instead, River is haunting tale of loneliness and secrets. Sam is an aging bachelor who has spent his life hiding his homosexuality. He has also been keeping an even bigger secret all these years, one concerning the death of a childhood friend. The uneasiness Sam and his brother Cal so plainly feel whenever anyone mentions the event suggests that something pretty awful must have occurred. Cal himself has been less than truthful with Sam, but it's been years since they last spoke and Sam fears upsetting the delicate balance of their current situation.

I am loving this book! I am completely exhausted today thanks to it, but I am trucking along! I'll finish it up today and hopefully get started on some of these others, too.

Happy reading!

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Cheryl said...

I read the Society of S and didn't think it was a bad book. I will have to check into the sequel