Friday, August 28, 2009

A Totally Gothic Read

I just totally chucked this original post. On purpose, so no worries. I'm just kind of drawing a blank on where I want to go with this. Ok, the book part. The title I want to draw your attention to is Natasha Mostert's Windwalker, a fantastic philosophical gothic romance about soul mates. Here's more:

In an attempt to escape from the memory of her brother’s recent death, photographer Justine Callaway takes a job as the caretaker of the English manor called Paradine Park. She knows nothing of the house’s dark history but is immediately drawn to the neglected estate. Justine soon finds herself becoming obsessed with events that took place in the home nearly a decade ago. Parradine Park was once the not so happy home of the Buchanan family. One evening, eldest son Adam snapped and murdered his own brother. Adam was never seen again. Unable to deal with the loss of her favorite son, their mother committed suicide and Adam’s sister abandoned the home shortly thereafter. Justine is haunted by this tale and to learn as much as she can about Adam Buchanan and the event that tore his family apart. Thousands of miles away, in a town called Kepler’s Bay, Adam Buchanan has made a new life for himself. He lives in almost complete solitude and never forgets the crime that caused this punishment. He does dream, however. Adam has long believed that his soul mate awaits him somewhere, in this life or the next. By strange coincidence, he happens across a magazine carrying and article about Justine. From that moment forward, he knows that she is the one. Will these two fated lovers meet or will their own tragic pasts keep them forever apart?

I feel like a Cyberman tonight, "delete, delete, delete." I guess that's what happens when I blog tired.

I love Mostert's books. Love them, love them, love them! They kind of transcends general genre labels: each of her books delves into philosophy, mythology, science, romance, fantasy, and even some mystery. Windwalker falls into what I consider to be a modern gothic category. It's a very traditionally gothic tale in that it follows the style outlined in those classic Victorian-era stories, but of course it's a modern book -- modern gothic. It's a style that I am completely enamored with but I find many authors can't pull it off. Mostert does.

As a side note, the Junior Junkies, in case I haven't mentioned it before, are 15 and 16 (about to be 17). When Mostert's latest, Keeper of Light and Dust, was released, I decided to send them a copy, but I wasn't really sure how it would be received. Keeper is a bit of a vampire tale, but very non-traditional -- the almost-17-year-old loves anything and everything vampire but I was afraid she would be disappointed that it wasn't a vampire tale in the Dracula sense. And Mostert's books get a little deep. I totally underestimated my sister. I think I should be given some credit for sending her the book in the first place, but I was afraid she wouldn't like it as much as I did. She loved it!

I just sent her Windwalker and I this time I am totally certain that my she is going to lurve it as much as she did Keeper.

Mostert is one of those authors that I really, really want people to seek out and try. She's seriously deserving of much more attention than I think she gets. This is why I blog! Each book I feature here is a new gem that I want to share with fellow readers.

Agh, this is the sign that I need to hit the sack!

Anyway, if you can find this one (I don't think it's out of print, but I did use the UK cover here rather than the US one, so be aware), definitely snatch it up. And if anyone comes across a copy of The Other Side of Silence (an affordable copy, that is) let me know. It's the only one I'm missing and can't track down.

Night all.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I MUST get this book. Sounds like something i would love; thanks

Cheryl said...

Never heard of this author but it I agree with Diane that I need to check this book out