Friday, August 7, 2009

Doin' Louisiana Proud

I have a very obvious proud sentiment with just about anything positive regarding my home state, and I make no bones about supporting folks who give us a good name.

Toni McGee Causey is one of those folks and I am happy to say that she and her heroine, Bobbie Faye, have not let me down! The third installment to the series hit shelves on August 1 and I think it may just be the best one yet. Pretty hard to do since I think the previous two were freaking fantabulous!

This time it's a little harder and a little darker than the others, and this time Bobbie Faye may just be in some not so funny, majorly serious trouble.

Sean MacGregor, an Irish baddie who appeared in Girls Just Wanna Have Guns (aka Bobbie Faye's (Kinda, Sorta, Not Exactly) Family Jewels), which you may remember from this post, is back and hell bent on revenge against Bobbie Faye and her FBI agent fiance, Trevor Cormier. Add to that one heartbroken bomb expert also determined to have his revenge and you've got a recipe that means disaster for Bobbie Faye, one that's not at all her fault this time -- well, maybe just a little.

Bobbie Faye's not entirely over the events that led to her first encounters with the Irish mafia, in spite of the new engagement ring on her finger and the fixer-upper she and Trevor have recently purchased. When Trevor is sent out on an op that's supposed to take two, three days tops, and doesn't return for seven, the Contraband Queen is beside herself with worry. And the one person she can trust to help her just happens to be her ex, Cam Moreau, a cop who's determined to win her back at any cost. Just when Bobbie Faye thought things couldn't get any worse, she finds herself enmeshed in a plot that could mean the end for the people she cares about the most.

When a Man Loves a Weapon shows that Causey is at the top of her game. I think it's pretty obvious that she's one of my newer faves and I think you're all gonna love her. The first two titles are definitely in the Janet E. realm of funny meets mystery. This one, however, tips into more romantic suspense territory (but still with some Bobbie Faye humor -- CeCe provides much of the levity in this one and her chicken foot juju made me chuckle even at the most action-packed part of the book).

If you haven't started this series yet, here's a link to my post on Causey's debut, Charmed and Dangerous (Bobbie Faye's Very (very, very, very) Bad Day. The best kind of book therapy a girl can ask for is the kind of therapy offered up by treating yourself to a Bobbie Faye reading day. God forbid you have an actual Bobbie Faye day!


Vickie said...

I have got to move the first one to the top of the stack on the nightstand! Why did she change the titles?

Becky LeJeune said...

The old titles wouldn't fit on the brand new mass markets, so they changed the look and the titles. Can get confusing for readers since the trades are still available with the first two old titles, but the new covers are cute.

Icedream said...

I was wondering about the title changes, thanks for asking Vickie and thanks for answering Becky.