Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Christopher Ransom Signing

Hey all! I'm feeling quite out of it this morning, so if anything weird pops up here, please excuse it.

Last night I dragged Mike along to the Christopher Ransom signing at the Boulder Bookstore. It was quite an event, I must say.

Ransom, whose first novel debuted here in the states just a few weeks ago (read more about The Birthing House here or at Chris's official site) made his first bookstore appearance here in Boulder. He grew up here so the place was packed with friends, family, and fans of the book. Even Colorado's own Dan Simmons turned out to support Ransom. It was freaking cool!

Ransom talked about the inspiration for the novel (his own 140+ year-old birthing house in Wisconsin), his writing process, some of his own hair-raising experiences related to his house (strange coincidences or inspiration from the other side, who knows?) and some tidbits about his upcoming book as well as a project that he holds close to his heart and plans on rolling out later (a coming-of-age tale set in Boulder itself).

Overall it was a great talk: insightful and interesting, and we can all forgive him his first-time jitters!

And at the end of the night, it looked as though BBS sold out of their copies of The Birthing House. So congrats, Chris, on your first fabulous signing! Here's to many, many more!

Ransom's first novel, for those of you who didn't hit the links or haven't read it yourself, is a chilling horror tale (somewhat psychological -- which was very intended on Ransom's part) that takes place in a haunted birthing house. It's a great debut and a fantastically terrifying read. I highly recommend snatching it up while you can.

The book was released earlier this year in the UK and overseas, so if you happen to be reading from those parts, you should be able to find a copy as well.

Happy reading! You'll want to keep the lights on through this one!

Oh, and if you missed Chris but are in the Denver area this evening, he will be signing at the Highlands Ranch Tattered Cover @ 7:30 tonight (Aug 18).


Vickie said...

That sounded like fun. I am hoping to make Richelle Mead's signing there, but we'll see. I need to get on the mailing list or alert list so I know who is showing up there.

Jenn's Bookshelves said...

Oh I'm so envious! I would have love to have met him!