Friday, August 21, 2009

Creepy Extras!

Christopher Ransom and his publisher St. Martins Press have some great extras up to go along with his book, The Birthing House, including excerpts, a great trailer, and a blog where you can talk about your own creepy haunted house experiences.

I thought this book was really great: truly a creepy read and a great display of Ransom's talent as an author (and hard work!). If you missed my post on the book itself, here's the link.

And here are the rest of the links:

Chris's official site: http://www.ransomesque.com/
The Blog where you can add your own story

And here's the trailer -- Chris's inspiration for the book (his own scary story) -- for your viewing pleasure.

There's also a great interview with Chris where you can read all about his influences and various thoughts on the horror genre. Check it out here for more insight into what makes this author tick.

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