Monday, August 24, 2009

Afternoon All!

Hope you had a great weekend. I got about half of the things I wanted to do done. I guess that's a pretty good percentage considering I always give myself too much to realistically tackle in any given amount of time anyway.

I did get some reading done this weekend. One of my reads was the upcoming teen release Intertwined by Gena Showalter. This is the second book in the new Harlequin Teen line. They've started some different contests in honor of the release as well, which you can check out here. Or you can the widget I posted here for your own site and a chance to win a prize pack.

Intertwined is the beginning of Aden's tale. Aden is a 16-year-old whose unique situation has left him branded a troubled teen. In truth, he shares his body with the souls of four other individuals, each with their own abilities: one can travel through time, catapulting Aden into younger versions of himself, sometimes with grave results. One can raise the dead, which leaves Aden stuck cleaning up zombie messes all too often. One can tell the future and has foreseen Aden's own demise. And the fourth soul can allow Aden to possess others. When Aden moves to Crossroads, OK, he meets a girl whose mere presence quiets the other souls. Mary Ann and Aden are linked, but neither of them knows just how yet, but the arrival of more strange beings in their little town will draw them together in a way that even Aden's "friends" could not foresee.

Intertwined is the first in a new teen series and Unraveled is set for release in September. There are vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, fairies, demons, and anything and everything else in between, all holding a big get together in one tiny town with Aden as their prize to possess.

Showalter is probably best known for her adult paranormal romance titles, among which are the Lords of the Underworld and Atlantis series. But this is not Showalter's first teen outing. Her prior releases include two teen titles in her Alien Huntress series, Red Handed and Blacklisted, and a teen stand alone called Oh My Goth.

Another perfect addition to what promises to be a very strong teen line.

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