Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Urban Fantasy

At midnight, when I'm trying to think of a new post because I haven't yet finished my latest read, it's kind of nice to have a past title pop into my head and realize that I haven't spotlighted it here yet. My fault for not doing it when it was released, but it gives me new topics when I can't finish a new book everyday (ah, that would be heaven, wouldn't it? To be able to read a whole book everyday -- not just to have the ability, but to have the opportunity.)

I'm getting a package ready to send to the Junior Junkies, which always prompts me to check on release dates for various sequels and series titles -- 'cause one sister in particular will bug me every month until the new one comes out, even if the one she just read was released this month! And you can forget loaners with her. The older one is more than happy to borrow, but the other is like me and likes to keep her books, and mine!

So one of the books that I sent along and is now on all of our "watch for" radars for sequels, is Jay Wells's Red-Headed Stepchild, first in the Sabina Kane series. Orbit released this one in April and the JJs and I all agree that it was fantastic.

Here's some more info on the book for you:

Sabina Kane, a half mage/half vampire assassin, would have been a high-born vamp if her bloodline had been pure. As such, she is relegated to wet work on behalf of her grandmother, the Alpha and leader of the Domina, those who rule the vampire race. Sabina would like nothing more than to prove her loyalty and capability to her grandmother and finally earn the respect she deserves. This is why she accepts a job that sends her straight into an enemy’s camp, posing as a disgruntled vamp with vengeance on her mind. This group, led by the charismatic Clovis Trakiya, a half vamp himself, says that their goal is to unite the supernatural races, but Clovis’s own personal vendetta is against the Domina itself. This assignment will truly test Sabina in ways that she could never prepare for and will force her to face the truth about her birth for the very first time.

Wells has a unique character and a great hook -- the reader is left wondering, along with Sabina, just what the truth behind her heritage is. It's a super-cool, fun read and I can't wait until the next installment is released. As of last check (tonight) Orbit has book two in the series, The Mage in Black, slated for release in January. Don't tell my sister, though!

Ah to be young. I get to go home in October -- I've waited because my reunion is coming up and a trip before that didn't seem very practical with the move and everything that was upon us this summer. I haven't been home since last Christmas, so it's definitely time. I get a bit down when I start thinking about not being around for my sisters. They're cool chicks and I like to be able to hang out with them.

It's going to be strange going back to see all the people I went to school with, too. It's been 10 years. I feel like I'm getting so old! Yeah, yeah, I know it's all relative. It's going to be such a weird trip for me! My youngest sisters, the twins, are sophomores and the oldest sister is a senior at the same school I haven't stepped foot in for 10 years! Agh! Freaks me out, man!

Alright, enough of the exclamation points for one evening. I'm beat. Tomorrow's Monday, sadly. Night all -- hope you had a great weekend.


Cheryl said...

I have this book on my tnr list. I hope to get to it soon.

It would be heaven to finish a book every day

Unknown said...

It would definitely be nice to have the time to read an entire book every day. Lately I've been lucky to get in one chapter!

As for reunions, I laughed then tore up the invitation as soon as I opened it. :)