Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tired but Determined to Finish Reading

It seems as though I'm getting really old. No, I don't just mean the number (which is old enough for me to start freaking, thanks) but I mean the physically exhausted, why can't I stay up until 3am reading and still be good to go at 8am old. Yeah, sucks when that happens. Sucks when it happens and it's still close enough to not happening that I can remember! I take sleeping pills to stay asleep, but trust me when I say I have no trouble crashing out at 9pm these days. And I've done it the past couple of nights, albeit while watching tv so it wasn't really REAL sleep.

Tonight, though, 25 pages from finishing my book (The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker by Leanna Renee Hieber), I remembered that I need to write more text for the upcoming Colorado book and test a recipe (I'm bringing it back to the designer tomorrow and I still hadn't finished this at 5 when I went to dinner). So cross-eyed tired (no I don't understand why, enlighten me if you do -- iron levels tested fine just 4 days ago) I'm making microwaved lemon curd and eating wasa crackers with fake cheese -- to keep me from eating the yummy, pie filling wonderfulness that is lemon custard. In spite of my fears to the contrary, the recipe worked. And Mike promptly stole the rest of the wasa crackers and started spreading the steaming, hot lemon curd over them, proclaiming that it was like a candy bar only with a cracker.

I'm still on the diet and resisted the burning (literally) temptation for now, but the container of curd is currently in the fridge beckoning. Probably the only thing keeping me from diving in is the fact that for once I actually want chocolate (I'm more likely to reach for a lemon bar in a sweet-tooth emergency than chocolate most days).

I did finish, though. I got my text done, I got my recipe tested. I forgot to add a tip about tempering the eggs, but I can do that with the next proof. Now I can sleep. Oops, no I can't. No way am I waiting until tomorrow to find out how this book ends!

I'll post an actual book post later, after I've had my sleep. Right now I want to finish reading it before I pass out. In the meantime, let me direct you over to Killer Fiction for Christie Craig's latest post (psst, I'm giving away a copy of her book here hit the link for details and enter to win if you haven't). Just to give you a little taste. And for a little peek at Percy Parker check out the official site here.

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Unknown said...

I completely understand! It's very depressing when you go out with friends and are ready to go home at 10pm.