Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just to Show You

how bad the TBR can be (no I won't show you my pile), I thought I'd share the love today and tell you about some of the other reads added to my stack thanks to various blog posts at my favorite blog sites.

From Vixen's Daily Reads -- Vickie's rating system is great fun, I'd take her recs any day:
  • Jeanne Stein's Anna Strong series (I bought the first at LCC and sent it to my sisters, they've read the whole series and now I have to get them back so I can read them thanks to Vickie's stellar review of The Watcher)
  • Cherie Priest's Four and Twenty Blackbirds (I bought this one and then shifted it up the pile thanks to this review at Vixen's blog)
  • My boyfriend is currently reading the Jim Butcher books and Vickie's list of favorite quotes from book 3 is hilarious! I'm stealing them from my man when he's done.

From Jenn's Bookshelves -- Jenn seems to have the same eclectic reading taste I do:
  • John Gilstrap's No Mercy (featured in her Tuesday Teaser this week)
  • Brian Keene's Urban Gothic (I didn't even realize this one was out yet until I read her post)
  • Elizabeth Massie's Sineater (I must have come across this one at some point, but this is the first time I've seen it reviewed and it sounds amazing)

Other blogs I follow:
  • Tez Says -- she's always got news on upcoming paranormal/urban fantasy reads and writes fantastic reviews (she's not afraid to tell you she didn't like a book or why)
  • Chery's Book Nook - Cheryl is one of the queens of the blog tour. She's always hosting something different, someone different, and new books in just about every genre
  • Pure Imagination - Lori is a YA fiend. Anytime I want a teen read for my sisters (ok, for me) I know she's probably read it and reviewed it already and I can rely on her opinion

And these are just some of them. I follow others (one recently on hiatus due to computer malfunction) and various author run blogs. So you see why I waste hours online and then $$ at the bookstore?! There's no possible way I can ever read everything out there that interests me, but I'm damn sure going to try. And every one of these ladies seems to be in the same boat! They make for good virtual company.

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Tez Miller said...

Wouldn't say I write fantastic reviews, but they certainly are honest ;-)