Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sarah Pinborough is my new favorite person

I know I'm a big dork for saying this, but Sarah Pinborough rocks! Wait, that's not what makes me a dork. She already rocked because she's a fantastic horror author. But now she rocks even more because I just found out that she penned a Torchwood book! Yay! It's Torchwood: Into the Silence and it was released last month. Awesomeness! And that's what makes me a dork -- a dork in great company, though, considering all other fans of the show out there.

Yeah. I think I might be going a little nuts with the Torchwood and Doctor Who off-season. I'm not even sure of Torchwood is coming back after Children of Earth.

Anywho, I saw this today after I did a search to make sure one of my new favorite books is still in print. I have to admit that our recent move has unearthed some of my TBR collection that's been festering since my bookseller days -- yes, I spent more of my paycheck than I actually brought home. And that was a good decision on my manager's part seeing as how it brought money back into the company ; ) I'm being cheesy.

But I received a copy of Pinborough's upcoming release, Feeding Ground, in the mail about a week ago and when I started reading, I thought it sounded familiar. As it turns out, it's a companion to 2006's Breeding Ground, a book that had been sitting in my TBR stack patiently waiting for me.

If you're not reading Pinborough, shame on you. I read Tower Hill on vacation (actually on the LONG car ride from Louisiana to Colorado, so the book made the drive much more bearable) last summer and really enjoyed it.

Breeding Ground is a totally different read genre-wise -- at the other end of the horror spectrum considering all the possible different horror subjects. It's the end of the world as we know it when women all over England (all over the world?) start giving birth to giant man-eating spiders. A small group of survivors makes their way to safety, but the continued survival of the human race is still at stake. Where the spiders come from, no one knows, but stopping the spread is the key. Unfortunately they aren't having any luck in that area.

I'm a sucker for a creature feature -- my mom loves them and I was raised on them -- so Pinborough's book is a bit of nostalgia on top of being a great read. It's a really creepy premise for one (women giving birth to spiders, icks me out just thinking about it again), and it's got that whole humanity being wiped from the face of the earth element. Which is another thing I love in horror fiction. Survivalist horror!

Alright, I know I've been on a horror kick (if you read this weekend then you already knew that) and Pinborough was what I grabbed after Doug Clegg kicked it off for me in the nasty gloomy weather we had Saturday. I'm still riding high over how great the books have been and hope to keep it up considering I still have a ton of horror stockpiled (for my own apocalypse -- gotta make sure I still have stuff to read if everything starts going in the killer spider direction, you know?).

I'll keep you posted on Feeding Ground (due out Sept 29). And, Pinborough also has a thriller coming out in March from Gollancz called A Matter of Blood.


Jenn's Bookshelves said...

Yet another author I discovered thanks to one of your recommendations! I can't wait to check out Feeding Ground. Like you, my copy of Breeding Ground is just sitting there in my bookshelf.This gives me the perfect reason to read it now!

Cheryl said...

Sounds good. A new author to check out.