Monday, September 21, 2009

Jason Pinter's The Stolen

Hey readers! It's time for another Jason Pinter title to hit the shelves -- well, almost -- and I need to get you all caught up.

First came The Mark, where we were introduced to Henry Parker, a tenacious reporter who is caught up in a story that could mean his life. Just before the third book in the serious hit shelves, Pinter's publisher offered this one up as a free e-book, which I posted about here. If you missed the opportunity to check it out online, I highly suggest you make it a point to pick this one up at the bookstore on your next trip. It's a quick read and a great start to a new series to add to your must read list.

Next up was The Guilty. This was one of my very first posts as a blogger. A wonderful continuation of the series with a great plot.

Then, last August, the third book in the series hit shelves and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, thanks in no small part to the teaser chapter in the end of The Guilty. Here's a little bit about the book:

Reporter Henry Parker once again lands himself in a mess of trouble when gets involved with Daniel Linwood's story. Five years ago, Daniel disappeared without a trace. Yesterday, he showed up on his parents' doorstep, five years older but otherwise healthy. Henry is given the assignment when The Gazette gains exclusive rights to an interview. With his nose for a good story, and trouble, it doesn't take long for Henry to suspect that there is something not quite right with the young boy. Though Danny claims that he has no memory of the past five years, his comments would suggest otherwise. As Henry digs deeper, he discovers another case similar to Danny's. The connection between the cases becomes more evident as Henry does more digging and leads the reporter to believe that there is something very strange going on and he's determined to be the one to figure it out.

Pinter's got two new installments to the series hitting shelves this year, The Fury, which should be on shelves any day now, and The Darkness, due out December 1.

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Cheryl said...

I can't wait for The Fury. I like this author.