Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Release Update

I accidentally left one off this week's list. Actually, I had it down for next week, so my mistake.

Louise Penny's 5th Chief Inspector Gamache mystery hits shelves today. I'm actually reading this one at this very moment and I have to tell you, I really love it.

Normally I am very hesitant to start an ongoing series with any title other than the very first. Fortunately, I jumped with this one and it worked. Sure the characters are established, but I don't feel lost. I definitely plan to head back to Still Life, book one, however, and start from there when I finish this one.

Here's a little about the book for you:

When a body is discovered in a bistro in the small Canadian town of Three Pines, Gamache and his partner Beauvoir are once again called in to investigate (apparently the body count is quite high in Three Pines). Olivier, the bistro owner, is hiding secrets from his friends, including the fact that he knows the dead man's identity. But why? Throw in small town gossip and feuds and Gamache has his work cut out for him untangling this mystery.

Not a full synopsis by any means. And for that I must apologize. I started reading this late Sunday night and still have about half to go. But you get the gist, and for more you can check out Louise Penny's web site (link above).

As I said, I am really loving this one. The characters are fantastic and Three Pines is the kind of idyllic town that I'd love to settle down in one day -- with enough excitement to keep it interesting! Kidding.

Penny's series, of course, draws comparison to the great Agatha Christie and Gamache to Poirot (some also say Columbo, but Gamache doesn't do the bumbling act so I would stick to Poirot myself).

Penny's series should appeal to both cozy and non-cozy readers (I think it's on the lighter side of thriller but not quite cozy for me, which is a place I like my mysteries to be).

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Becky LeJeune said...

I just received an e-mail with the announcement that The Brutal Telling has been named B&N's Main Selection title for September. Yay!