Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pandorum -- A Movie Post

So I think that Mike is finally over his whatever it was and we headed over to see Pandorum yesterday. I loved it. I really thought it was fantastic and it totally hit the spot. It's creepy and fairly original (in spite of some of the reviews I read that had it tagged as nothing more than a rip off of various strange combinations of films).

I would say that stylistically, if you enjoyed Event Horizon and like playing Dead Space (me! me!), then you'll probably like Pandorum.

The film begins with Ben Foster who plays Corporal Bower, a member of the Elysium flight crew, waking from deep cyber sleep to flocked in a dark control room with no power and all alone. He wakes Dennis Quaid's Lt Payton and the two devise a plan to get the ship up and running again: neither of them can remember much but their training and Bower believes he can reboot the ship's reactor, if he can find it. After climbing through some of the ship's ducting, Bower finally finds a vent that leads out, but not before discovering another member of the flight crew, dead. And what he finds on the other side are flesh-eating monsters and combatant humans running for their lives.

Simplified, in a nutshell synopsis, but you get the picture (hopefully). With nothing but remakes slated to hit shelves of late, Pandorum sticks out as a sci-fi/horror film that felt like a nice breath of fresh, original air. Sure there are elements that are similar to other films. But here I emphasize ELEMENTS. Everything has elements similar to something else. Pandorum has enough original plot to stand on its own and is atmospherically very dark and creepy. A great combo. Plus, the story delivered in a way that Event Horizon did not for me -- sorry EH fans. I wanted more story there.

There are multiple story lines at work in this movie, which can make some feel as though it's a bit hectic, but trust me when I say they all come together in the end. Overall, exactly what I was hoping it would be and a great way to spend a few hours and more than a few bucks.

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Cheryl said...

Sounds like this movie would not be boring. Glad to hear Mike is feeling better