Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feeling Blech

I'm feeling a little off today (not sure if it's not enough sleep or possibly the bleach cleaner fumes I just inhaled while cleaning the tub -- swiffering floors next) so I'll make this a quick one.

In keeping with my horror theme of late, I decided it was time to post on Hank Schwaeble's debut, Damnable. Hank is part of ITW and Damnable is being billed as a noirish horror/thriller: I call it horror, but you can call it anything you like.

It's a story of armageddon. Of demons on earth and one man's plans to end it all by unleashing those demons and their spawn. Here's a bit more:

Jake Hatcher is set for another eight weeks in military prison when he is granted leave to attend his brother’s funeral. Strangely enough, Jake never knew he had a brother. When Jake arrives in town, the first thing he does is question his mother. She admits that Garrett was conceived and born while their father was away in the military. They later married and tried to find Garrett, but had no luck. After a brief reunion, Garrett is killed while trying to save a stranger in a cafe. The woman in question was snatched off her barstool and hauled into the street where Garrett and the assailant were killed. The woman miraculously survived. Jake decides to track down the woman to try and learn more about his long-lost brother. Another attempt is made on her life and Jake just happens to be the one there to save her. Now he's being dragged into a fight that is not quite of this world, as an unwilling pawn in a deadly game.

Though this is not true fallen angels, there is enough similarity that I think Schwaeble could be considered as leading the pack in that new vein. I know there's a slew of movies and books with that theme being released shortly and Damnable should definitely hit a chord with the same fan base.

Not to leave out the traditional thriller fans, though. This is also a good one for you guys as well. You can sort-of ease your way into more paranormal stuff. It is, after all, a traditional thriller -- it just so happens that some of the characters are demons and hell-spawn.

No word on whether Jake will make an appearance in future titles -- I could definitely see him holding his own. I'm definitely looking forward to what Schwaeble does next, though.


Vickie said...

Well, hey! October is coming around the bend and it's all about scary books that whole month...looks like an add to the WWBL to me. Thanks for the cranium's up.
Hope the fumes dissipate and you feel mo' bettah! I did bathrooms this morning, Swiffering the floors is tomorrow while I wait for the in-ground sprinkler turn off dudes. Time to get ready for winter....

Cheryl said...

So glad to see you featured this book. I have had my eye on it for a while.

Now I need to check it out