Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thrills and Chills and Things That Go Bump in the Night!

I'm always on the lookout for fresh new authors and one that can creep me out is even better. One of my favorite new ones is the inimitable Alexandra Sokoloff. 

Not one to be pinned down with one genre, she is quite simply amazing. I loved her debut, The Harrowing, which you can read a bit about here. And am waiting anxiously for her latest book, The Unseen, to hit shelves in May. 

If you're looking for something to take your mind off of the current climate (literal and figurative) around you, you should definitely seek out one of Sokoloff's titles. Her second book, The Price, is a dark tale of desperation and faith that reaches into the darkest depths of the human heart. 

Have I got your curiosity piqued? Then here is my review of The Price:

Horror fans were in for a treat with Sokoloff’s amazing and original debut, The Harrowing. Her second release is no less amazing. 

How far would you go to save the life of a loved-one? To save yourself? This is the question that Sokoloff poses in The Price. Miracles happen all the time. Hospitals make a business out of them. Brilliant doctors make new discoveries in science everyday. People are cured, seemingly miraculously, and go on to live long and healthy lives. Something different is happening at Briarwood Medical Center, though. Within these hallowed halls someone waits. He listens, intent on hearing those four magic words, “I would do anything.” Will Sullivan is about to discover just how far one will go to experience the hope of a miracle. Extraordinarily creepy. Sokoloff infuses even the most innocent scenes with an undeniable sense of dread. You know something bad is coming but it still sneaks up and scares the pants off of you.

Readers looking for something new and original in the horror/thriller genres should be reading Alexandra Sokoloff. The mix of intense situations and suspense plus the supernatural element and creep factor make her books the ultimate in late night reading!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the heads up on this author. I have been looking for a new horror author and something new and fresh read. I will give her a try. Have a great day.

Vickie said...

SOLD! Adding to the Wanton Book-Yearn List...

Vickie said...

Just looked and I already have THE HARROWING on the Wanton Book-Yearn list...now it is highlighted..

Becky LeJeune said...

Haha. It's fantastic, Vickie. I'd bet you can read Harrowing in one sitting -- I did. too bad you don't have it in this snow, though. We never get rain so snow reading is the best atmosphere you're going to get, unless you live in a high wind area around Boulder like I do.

Ann Marie, let me know how you like it.

Vickie said...

Becky: I live in Thornton, work in Boulder. I am looking forward to this weekend's snow. Might be a humdinger time to get in some reading time.