Saturday, March 28, 2009

In Case You Missed it...

So you all should know by now that I love food just as much as I love books and a while back, I posted about a new shop in Boulder called the Savory Spice Shop. I love this store. They have just about everything you could possibly be looking for in the spice department and they have some fabulous blends of their own, complete with recipes to get you started. 

Well, today the owners were on Paula's Best Dishes on Food Network, making Harissa Spiced Green Bean Salad, Marrakesh Chicken with Artichokes and some other dishes using spices from their shop. 

If you missed it this morning, the recipes are available online and the show will re-air on Monday. 

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Vickie said...

I saw the episode, but didn't hear the part that the couple was from Boulder. I need to visit that shop.