Saturday, March 21, 2009

Online shopping is just way too easy!

So I'm a binge buyer. I'm not sure if this term exists, but it's what I am. I tend to be pretty ok about NOT spending money for short periods of time, but as soon as I loosen my fist and begin buying, look out! 

This week (and this is listed as much for my benefit as for yours), I bought:

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan (16.99)
Jamie Oliver's cooking magazine (9.99)

Tell No One dvd (18.99)
'wichcraft: Craft a Sandwich Into a Meal by Tom Colicchio (18.15)
Last Ritual by Yrsa Sigurdardottir (4.95)
Therapy by Sebastian Fitzek (12.97)
Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton (12.97) 
7 arcs (35)

Sex, Murder, and a Double Latte by Kyra Davis (6.00)
Passion, Betrayal, and Killer Highlights by Kyra Davis (6.00)
Twilight dvd (17.99)

Total spending this week - $160


The good news is that I'm not buying clothes right now. I work from home so I'm wearing tees and jeans all the time. Groceries are really the only other thing that I spend my money on. Now, I'm not quite sure how bad a month's spending would look. I can tell you that I don't currently PLAN on buying any more books this month. Lisa Jackson's Malice hits shelves on the 31st, but I think I can restrain myself until next month at least.

But still, agh! Ah well, buyers remorse bites, but you get my point. I may go all next month without buying any books at all. If only I were stinking rich. 

In my defense, because I feel I need it right now and on top of the fact that I've already pointed out that I am not spending money on anything else, I did get some good deals. Here's how the original prices on my on sale purchases:

Tell No One dvd (18.99) reg 27.98
'wichcraft: Craft a Sandwich Into a Meal by Tom Colicchio (18.15) reg 27.50
Last Ritual by Yrsa Sigurdardottir (4.95) reg 23.95
Therapy by Sebastian Fitzek (12.97) reg 25.95
Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton (12.97) reg 26.00
7 arcs (35) each reg ~ 25.00

Sex, Murder, and a Double Latte by Kyra Davis (6.00) paperback 13.95 and seemingly out of print
Passion, Betrayal, and Killer Highlights by Kyra Davis (6.00) paperback 13.95 
Twilight dvd (17.99) reg 32.99

And, my Kyra Davis books are a. not for sure purchases since and b. hardcovers not paperbacks (I couldn't find the hardcovers listed). So that's about $200 savings (nevermind the fact that I would not have bought ANY of these if they hadn't been on sale - or at least not all this week that is). 

Hm. Ok, I'm going to eat my bologna now and maybe this will be a new tactic for losing weight - no grocery money = no food to eat = me losing weight while reading : )

Kidding. I do have a job. But I would gladly go on a ramen diet if necessary. And it's more books for me to tell you all about!


Vickie said...

Becky: I went on a bender, too. Ordered some books Thursday from Cynthia at High Crimes, had a coupon for B&N and took my wishlist with me yesterday and picked up BLACK MAGIC WOMAN - Justin Gustainis. I have some books arriving from my book buddy online, she has a home book business that I like to enable her book buying habit by buying books from her which enables my book buying habit. Tomorrow I am buying Bolt on DVD for Lady K (I swear!).
No clothes until this weight is more off. Shoes, on the other hand......DSW has a double points sale going on through 29 Mar.....sigh......

Cheryl said...

Becky as you pointed out at least you saved lots of money with your online purchasesand besides eating is so over rated. LOL