Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Now out in paperback

I've been so bad lately. Just this weekend, I hit up both the used bookstore and one of the big boxes. Overall, I've come home with 7 books in two days. In my defense, three will be heading to the Junior Junkies as soon as I've finished with them. 

Anyway, no buyer's remorse here. I'm very happy with my purchases, just need to find a place to put them until I can read them. Haha. If only everything in life were that simple. 

I've noticed, though, that one of my favorite reads from last year is now out in paperback. I also noticed that although I have mentioned the book here, I've not done a post on it exactly, so here it is. 

Lost Souls is the latest in Lisa Jackson's New Orleans "series," soon to be followed by Malice, one that I just can not wait to read! Lost Souls was also the book that introduced me to Jackson, so it holds a special place in my reading memory. And I especially love the book because on top of being totally packed with suspense, it made me homesick, which means that Jackson did Louisiana good. 

So, from the BB archives, here is my review of Lost Souls, now available in paperback:

Kristi Bentz has decided that it’s time to finally head back to college and complete her degree, and her father is not happy. It seems Kristi has a tendency to get into trouble and is still recovering from an attempt on her life that left her comatose (Bentz, family, and friends have appeared in previous Jackson novels). Of course her father would want to keep her at home where she is safe, especially when he learns that five coeds have recently and inexplicably disappeared from Kristi’s school of choice. The local police are treating the cases as runaways - each of the girls had a history of running off with no warning. They also had family problems and no close friends. Kristi thinks something else is going on, though. When she learns that the last tenant in her new apartment just happened to be one of the missing girls, she decides that she should be the one to look into things. She discovers that there are rumors around campus of a vampire cult, spawned no doubt by one of the college’s most popular courses regarding vampires in literature. Kristi is certain that it’s no coincidence each of the five girls was taking the course in question at the time of their disappearances. Unfortunately for Kristi, her snooping around has once again caught the attention of the wrong person, or persons. This was my first Jackson title, but definitely not my last. The tight plot combined with her easy style makes this a very intense but quick read. 

No worries if you've not yet read Jackson, Lost Souls can be read all by its lonesome, but I guarantee that you are going to want to run out and buy Malice after the way Souls ends!

If you like Lisa Gardner, Tess Gerritsen, and Iris Johansen, you will love Lisa Jackson. 


Vickie said...

Sweetie, I had a box of 21 books arrive on my doorstep yesterday. I have a buddy who is a homebased used bookseller out of Chicago burbs and I am addicted to the lists she sends out.
Granted, half of these were for Lady K, but I had a healthy helping of some good schtuff to read when I get to them.
Here's my half of the haul:
TPB- The Maltese Falcon: Dashiell Hammett
TPB- The Interpretation of Murder: Jed Rubenfeld
TPB- The Death List: Paul Johnston
TPB- The Grotesque: Patrick McGrath
TPB- Jack Absolute: C.C. Humphreys
TPB- The Torment of Others: Val McDermid
TPB- Booked for Murder: Val McDermid
TPB- The Case of the Missing Books - Ian Sansom
MPB- Rising Moon: Lori Handeland
MPB- Blue Moon: Lori Handeland

Cheryl said...

I have not read Lost Souls yet but I finished reading Wicked Game by Lisa and her sister, Nancy