Saturday, November 1, 2008

Final book in the Halloween Horror Reading Marathon and a Movie Review

So, I started reading the fifth and final book in my Halloween horror binge last night. It is Song of Kali by Dan Simmons. The book won the World Fantasy Award in 1985 when it was released. I'm not too far in so I'll post about it later next week. 

Last night we had a good bit of trick 'r treaters at the house. My other and his friend went out so I was alone watching horror movies and handing out candy. I watched Cold Creek Manor, House of Wax, and then took a break for The Soup before cracking open my 2008 Halloween horror buy (yes, I have to buy a new horror movie each year on to watch on Halloween). This year's purchase was Shiver (Eskalofrio), a Spanish movie directed by Isidro Ortiz. One of the producers, Alvaro Augustin, also produced such films as Transsiberian, The Orphanage, and Pan's Labyrinth

In Shiver, Junio Valverde plays Santi (also plays Santi in Devil's Backbone) a kid who suffers from an allergy to sunlight that forces his mother to move to a small village in northern Spain. The village sits in the mountains and gets significantly less sunlight than the place they were living, so Santi is able to go out during the day and be a normal kid. When a classmate sees something in the woods, Santi and two other kids end up trekking into the woods to find it. One boy ends up dead and Santi is the suspect. DNA testing reveals that he was not the one to kill the boy, but then another man is killed and Santi happens to be nearby yet again. But this time Santi gets a good look at the killer and no one believes him.

I thought this was a great horror flick. It's suspenseful and the acting is great. There's also a nice little twist at the end that could be considered somewhat predictable, but worked for me. 

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