Friday, November 21, 2008

Hot Bond

I'm heading out to see Twilight tonight, but I thought I would post a little something about the new Bond flick, seeing as how I saw that one last Friday and all. 

Now first let me say that I am not a Bond fan - or at least I wasn't. I've tried to watch some of the Sean Connery ones and while I find the man extremely attractive, the movies just never did it for me. Maybe I was too young and maybe I should try again, but who knows. 

A friend of mine always sees the new Bond flicks with her dad. A nice tradition. When Casino Royale came out on dvd, though, I had invited her over and her one request was that we watch the movie. I moaned and groaned and eventually gave in. And surprise, I loved it! My mom owned the movie and last time I went home I made my little sister sit down and watch it with me as well. And she loved it! And then I bought a copy for myself.

I thought maybe my Bond perception had been wrong all along and tried to watch one of the Pierce Brosnan ones and discovered that no, I was not wrong. I couldn't even watch the whole thing it was so bad.

So, Daniel Craig and the new production/directing team are the reason that I am now a Bond fan. Craig oozes charm and is hot as hell - I'm sure anyone will agree with me - and the new tone of the films is much more serious than in past years. This is what I really like - Craig and the tone. The fact that the hoky, cheesy, sexy spy is gone and this new charismatic and mysterious and serious sexy spy is the new image really works. It is, in a sense, what has been done for the new Batman films. They took out the prior aspects that made the films almost cartoonish and put in the serious action stuff that was lacking. 

So, some people have commented on plot holes in Quantum of Solace, I had no issues. It was fast paced and packed with action, as it should be, and Craig is magnificent to watch (I recommend seeing him on the big screen always) and the Bond girls were cool rather than just eye candy for men. I've heard that Craig is signed on for four more films so we should learn more about this mysterious organization in the future. Also, Dame Judy Dench is awesome and always has been. I love her as Bond's boss!

So, my rambling babbling Bond rant is at an end, but take it from me, a Craig/Bond girl, it's well worth the watch and is on my "To Buy" list!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out homie. I <3 Daniel Craig in tight pants!

Cheryl said...

I like Daniel Craig as Bond.

Enjoy watching Twlight