Monday, November 10, 2008

TBR Stack Reading Marathon

Wow, I didn't realize how much that Stephen King cover messes with your eyes!

So, I'm sort of staying true to my attempt to chip away at the massive stack of books I've been hoarding. I did buy three more this weekend, though. Oops. 

Yesterday I read my very first Dirk & Steele book. My sister is in love with this series by Marjorie Liu. I gave her her first one and have bought her all the others since. When I expressed an interest in reading some of them myself, before sending them to her, I was immediately shot down. My orders were to send them to her so that she could read them first and then she would have our mom ship them back to me, and then I could ship them back after I was done. Not very cost effective, eh? Some say I should grow a pair and stick up to my sister. She is only 14 after all. I didn't know how quickly I would get to the books anyway so figured it would be just mean to make her wait that long for them. I'll have my shot at them next time I go home to visit. 

Anywho. I did get the latest one after said sister told me that you don't have to read the series in order. They're about a paranormal detective agency and each book is about a different couple. Some people reappear in other books, but essentially they can kind of be read as stand alones in any order. 

In The Wild Road, a woman wakes up in a smokey room with no memories. There is a not simply stating, "Run," pinned to her jacket and there are three dead bodies on the floor. She does run and ends up bumping into Lannes Hannelore, a man with a secret. Lannes is one of the last remaining gargoyles and he can't tell anyone out of fear that it will endanger himself and others of his kind. Lannes survived a horrific event and has closed himself off to everyone ever since. Now, however, he finds himself compelled to help this woman in spite of warnings from everyone else. 

Wild Road is a steamy read with a great paranormal twist. The fairy-tale quality of this read definitely makes me want to steal the others from little sis asap. Until then, though, I'll have to keep pecking away books I own (and try not to buy anymore! - aside from the new Jeffery Deaver and Stephen King, that is). 

So, if you've been curious about Marjorie Liu's series but afraid to start in the wrong place, your fears can be set aside. It seems there is no wrong place to start at all as long as you start somewhere!

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