Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sorry I've Been Away

So Monday was my boyfriend's birthday and then yesterday I was just being lazy. 

No but really. It's almost time for me to get in my Best of 2008 list for the BB and I'm scrambling to read some of the new releases I haven't had  a chance to get around to yet. Not that my list doesn't have a whole bunch to whittle down already. 

Monday I finished Jack O'Connell's The Resurrectionist. I have to say, I just didn't get it. Not one bit. I'm not even going to attempt to sum up the book here or for a review. I just didn't get it. 

Yesterday I began reading Terri Persons's Blind Rage. Rage is the sequel to Persons's Blind Spot, which I wrote about here. I didn't read as much as I wanted to yesterday thanks to the cleaning cycle on the stove. 

Yep, excuses, excuses. Our stove was in desperate need of a cleaning, but I HATE, LOATHE, and DESPISE the smell of the self-cleaning cycle. I was waiting for a day when I could be somewhere else and avoid the smell altogether, but since I work from home that's a bit difficult. Anyway, nasty smell = headache = hard to read that book that I really wanted to get to. 

There are still a few others that I want to get to before I send in my list on Nov 30. We'll see if I am successful. Like I said, I've already got at least 15 on my list to be narrowed down to 10 so it's really not as if I NEED more, but... So, back to the reading and the working and the real life stuff. 

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