Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gift Recommendations

My mom took my little sisters Christmas shopping yesterday and I got to play bookseller via cell phone. As the Junior Junkies came across stuff they were interested in, they had me look it up and tell them if I knew anything about it - they still hate taking total chances on books, especially Christmas gift, and always want a second opinion as to whether they should get it. It was fun for me, though. 

I thought I would take some time to make some recommendations now, based on things that they've really liked. I'll do adult ones as well but thought I would start with some teen choices. 

First up, Wake by Lisa McMann. If you've got teens who love paranormal teen reads, this is one they should definitely not miss. I first heard about Wake on Rachel Vincent's blog (she loved it and I thought even if I didn't have the time for it, my sisters would love it). Here's the link. So, since I haven't read it and my sisters have yet to be coaxed into writing their own reviews, here's the PW review:

The trick to getting hooked on this highly satisfying first novel is to look past its disjointed opening. The initial chapters consist of flashbacks into which are woven a series of repetitive scenes wherein Janie Hannagan is unwillingly sucked into others' dreams and nightmares, and suffers debilitating side effects. But as soon as McMann establishes Janie's strange skill, she throws just the right teen-centric ingredients into the story to propel it forward and grab readers. Tough and strong Janie, now 17, seems totally independent, charting a future that will lead away from her welfare mother's alcoholism. Her turbulent relationship with Cabel, the unwashed stoner boy-turned-handsome, pulsates with sexual tension-problematized by Janie's knowledge of his insistent dreams about killing a man. But then Cabel learns to communicate his desires to Janie through lucid dreaming at just about the same time that Janie finds out that she can influence the dreams she enters. The plot twists keep coming, even if one or two are shopworn, and the writing has a Caroline Cooney-like snap that's hard to resist.

Hopefully I'll have time to read my sisters' copy while I am home for Christmas. We shall see. I knew this one was a winner when my little sister called me begging for the sequel, only to be irritated by being told that it doesn't come out until February (she thinks everything should be released based on her wants and needs - hey, who doesn't). 

More gift recs coming soon! 


Anonymous said...

I read and loved it! I have the next in the series on its way...I think.

Anyway, I wanted to drop by and wish you an awesome Thanksgiving. :)

Vickie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it was a good one.
Book shop assistant by phone.....wonder if there is $$ in that career avenue....

Cheryl said...

I have not read this book but I do have it on my list to check out.

Can't wait to read your other recommendations.