Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still Trucking Along

So yesterday I began reading Lilith Saintcrow's first Jill Kismet title, Night Shift. I wasn't on the ball at all, though, so I only got a third of the way through. Bad, Becky! I was doing so well reading a book a day. Ah well, I'll finish it today I'm sure. 

I'm not quite sure why I waited to read this one. I did buy it as soon as it came out and was super excited about it, but I think a combination of my total adoration for her Dante Valentine series coupled with not enough time in the world to read everything I want to get my hands on played a big part in this sitting on my bedside table for so long. 

But wait, you must be saying, if I liked the Danny Valentine books so much, how could I possibly wait to read more from Saintcrow? Well, because I was not sure if Jill would fill Danny's shoes for me. I know, I know, it was just enough apprehension to make me wait a bit longer. Plus, I'm not really one of those binge readers who has to read everything in the same genre all the time. In fact, I have to switch it up rather often so I don't burn out on a certain type of book. So Jill just had to wait a bit. 

I'm loving it, btw. Jill is every bit as strong as Danny and has her own special talents and issues. Waiting to see who will fill Japh's shoes - Jill's gotta have a love interest!

Anway, Jill is a hunter. Her job is to help the police with any "unnatural" cases, mostly dealing with the hellbreed - demons and all. In the beginning of Night Shift, Jill is called in on a case where five policemen, all responding to the same call, were found torn to pieces. A sixth is left in critical condition. No one knows what has happened, but Jill can smell hellbreed all over it. Then a couple of weres who work for the FBI show up and tell Jill they've got a rogue on the loose. Apparently, after speaking with her hellbreed connection, one of theirs has been working with the were for reasons unknown. All Jill knows is that the two of them are wreaking havoc in her town and it's her job to stop them. 

See, totally living up to expectations. Urban fantasy at it's best. Not sure about the timeline on the books. The Dante Valentine series was WAY in the future but the world still resembled our own for the most part. I'm going to link to Saintcrow's website, but as of this morning it wasn't loading for some reason. I'll let you guys have the option of trying, though, if you want to learn more. Check her out here

And don't forget, tonight's TOP CHEF!!!


Cheryl said...

Sorry I haven't been around to visit in a while.

It sounds like you have a lot of good books on your list. I have not read SaintCrow yet but want to.

Anonymous said...

I've got this one on my wishlist at PBS...or the library. One of the two.