Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm finally reading...

So last week was my Halloween Horror Reading Marathon. These next two weeks will be a marathon of another kind, the paring down of the massive TBR pile. Yep, I find my review stack has shrunk a bit (sniff) and I'll be reading some of my backstock : )

I'm starting with some books that I feel I need to read for a second reason, and that is so that I can consider them for the big box o' books I'll be sending on to the junior junkies shortly. So I'll be reading a lot of urban fantasy and paranormal stuff this week and then will probably change to something else next week. 

First in my pile of "Man it's sad that I haven't read that yet" books is Charlaine Harris's Dead Until Dark, first in the Sookie Stackhouse series. 

Yeah, yeah, vampires in Louisiana, I should have been reading this one since it popped up on shelves in 2001. As best I can tell, there are now 8 books in the series and multiple connected stories in various collections. You can look at the list on Harris's own website here

Unfortunately for my procrastinating and broke self, (a comment in two parts here) I've put off reading this series until after the show has debuted on HBO and I don't have HBO. What I have is a kind person who has recorded some eps for me to watch in the meantime until it comes out on DVD (c'mon OnDemand poc! I would totally pay $1 to "rent" eps on tv). So I have seen some of the show and have a bit of a preconceived notion about the books as far as characters and what may happen. Fortunately I'm finding that the show differs a bit so I'm still pretty surprised, and since I haven't even seen all the eps that have aired yet, I'll continue to be so. 

And since I did a post on the series just before HBO premiered it, you can read more about my general Sookie knowledge here

Hoping to get lots and lots read this weekend (how many times have I said that one before, right?) and I'll keep ya'll posted on my progress. 

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I am loving-loving-loving True Blood!