Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I know I've been slacking in my blogging responsibilities. I am happy to admit that I am currently in the middle of Halloween Horror Reading Marathon Book 4 and will possibly get to a book 5 before the day is over. We shall see...

Have an office pot luck this afternoon and that's a bit weird for me. Weird because I don't actually work at the office and so don't know half the people who will be there. I made pralines, but my recipe was a little off balance so they're more like praline pecan clusters. I'm also going to make spaghetti carbonara - fast and easy and I think it's ok if it gets cold. 

Anyway, my current read is a debut by Bryon Morrigan. In his bio, it says that Morrigan is ex-military intelligence and has a degree in forensic science. Morrigan's debut novel, The Desert, is a great blend of horror and military fiction - a combo I love and wish there was more of, which of course prompted me to buy the book. 

You probably won't find this book in stock at your local BN or Borders, but you can order it, and I recommend that you do. Both James A. Moore (yeah, where's your next book my horror fave?) and Jonathan Maberry (Pine Deep trilogy) blurbed Morrigan's title - further evidence that you should try him out. 

In The Desert two men out on recon discover a cave in the Iraqi desert. In the cave they find the remains of an American soldier who was part of a troop that went missing in 2003 (it's now 2009). Along with the soldier, they also find a journal. Hoping to find some clue as to what happened to the troop, they begin to read (well one reads and one drives). Further along the way, they find a town, the same town that is mentioned in the journal. The same town in which the journal stops... Before it ends, however, the dead officer has one last warning for the people reading and that is to stay high, and under no circumstances are they supposed to enter the hole in the ground that his fellow soldiers discovered in 2003. So what do these two new men do? The enter the hole! But they kind of have to because for some reason, when they try to drive away, they end up back where they started...

Yep, fun and creepy stuff. I hope Morrigan has more where this one came from 'cause we need more like him in the field, I mean genre. 

So, Happy Halloween reading. Eat lots o' candy ('cause it's ok today) and watch lots of crazy movies and have fun!

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