Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wayward by Blake Crouch

Hubs was off fishing Friday and it was FREEZING here! I had to turn on the heat, which left me more than a little grumpy. It's way too early for that mess! But I was left with ample time to dive into the second Wayward Pines title by Blake Crouch, so it wasn't a total loss. (If you missed it, I covered the first installment, Pines, on Thursday.) Warning, if you haven't read Pines this will contain spoilers!

In the two weeks since Special Agent Ethan Burke woke in Wayward Pines, he's finally managed to settle into some sort of a routine. As the newly appointed sheriff he's spent his time getting acquainted with his neighbors and learning the ropes in their special little town. He's also been reunited with his wife and son. But all is not rosy in Ethan's world. See, Ethan is one of the select few who knows the truth about Wayward Pines and keeping that sort of secret can be a burden on even the toughest man. 

This series is crazy pants! So far both the first and second books have been seriously one sitting reads. In Pines it's because Crouch keeps the truth about Wayward Pines completely hidden from the reader until Ethan discovers it himself. In Wayward it's waiting to see if Ethan can keep up appearances and toe the line like he promises that propels much of the story forward.

But in Wayward there's also a murder. A real murder! And it puts Ethan in the awkward position of having an actual crime to investigate. What's worse, Pilcher believes the murderers are part of a group that's been quietly building its ranks in the town. A group that threatens everything Wayward Pines represents. One of the highest people in the group: Ethan's old flame.

Had I not also selected some me time movies (Veronica Mars) to watch while Mike was away I likely would have jumped immediately into the final book of the trilogy, The Last Town - the ending of Wayward is a killer and really does beg for it! I had to force myself to resist the urge at least temporarily, but no worries. It's on the agenda for this week.

Rating: 4/5

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