Friday, September 19, 2014

Short Fiction Friday: Dinner With the Cannibal Sisters by Douglas Clegg

In 1890 Bog House was the site of an unspeakably gruesome crime. Though children at the time, Sally and Lucy Windrow - and their possible involvement in the atrocities - were the center of much speculation. Even twenty years on, folks still talk about them and the Bog House of Horrors. 

The girls themselves have always kept quiet on the subject, ignoring pleas by journalists and gossips alike. But now, on the twentieth anniversary of the event, a driven young journalist with a direct tie to the Windrows plans to break the story. Banking on their family connection, he travels to Bog Farm to finagle an invite to dinner...

I'd thought I would go into more detail on the story itself but I think I'll leave that for now. I fear I may ruin the read for others if I share my thoughts or more details! Fellow Douglas Clegg fans will likely understand, though, when I say I was surprised at how tame Dinner With the Cannibal Sisters turned out to be. It was certainly not what I've come to expect from him, and yet that element did surprisingly add to my enjoyment of this short little read. 

(If you are looking for something darker this Halloween season, Clegg's Halloween Man has been on sale for .99 of late.)

This latest from Clegg, though, is a nice limited edition from Cemetery Dance featuring artwork by Caniglia, the same artist who paired with Clegg for The Necromancer. The art is eerie and in the vein of restored images from Bog Farm. Clegg writes about the images on his blog here.  It's a quite handsome edition and a nice collectible for any hard core fan!

Rating: 4/5

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