Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sometimes You Need A Break

I know I could! Seems like things just keep coming at me. Ah well. What are you going to do, right? Until I get that dream vacation on a beach somewhere, I've got my new chair and a ton of books. (The chair, btw, for those who know me, is the brown chaise that mom got back in the 70s. It's been recovered and has new foam and is back thanks to Mike and C. Winn!)

Hester Browne's Swept off Her Feet is one of those reads that makes a great stay-cation diversion (comfy chair or not). A sweet romance with enough humor for some great laugh-out-loud moments and characters you just fall in love with. Browne is also the author of the Little Lady Agency books (the first of which is now in the TBR).

Evie Nicholson's dreams are about to come true when she's asked to appraise a Scottish estate as a favor to the family -- friends of her sister's boyfriend. The home, a castle! called Kettlesheer, has been in the McAndrew family for generations, but the cost of upkeep has become too much for the new heirs to handle. If Evie can find some hidden treasures that can be auctioned off quietly to help, the McAndrews can keep the home. As the estate prepares for its annual reel ball, Evie gets to see the inside workings of a life she's only imagined until now. But as se falls in love with both Kettlesheer and the youngest McAndrew, Evie's starts to imagine what it would be like to stay.

Browne's style is light and easy -- easier than I imagine doing an actual reel would be! A quick read that will lighten anyone's mood, guaranteed!

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