Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pre-Pub Book Buzz: A Dark Dividing by Sarah Rayne

So remember in my updates post the other day, I mentioned that Sarah Rayne would be making her official US debut this summer? It's true. Back when High Crimes was a brick and mortar store, I discovered Sarah Rayne in their imports section. I've been special ordering her new releases from the UK through Cynthia ever since. But now Felony & Mayhem has picked up A Dark Dividing and is releasing it in June. Yippee!

I actually have not read Dividing yet (I've read Roots of Evil, Spider Light, and The Death Chamber so far). Here's the synopsis from Sarah Rayne's official site:

Two pairs of twins. Born a hundred years apart. United by a chilling secret

At first, journalist Harry Fizglen is sceptical when his editor asks him to investigate the background of Simone Anderson, a new Bloomsbury artist. But once he's met the enigmatic Simone, Harry is intrigued.

Just what did happen to Simone's twin sister who disappeared without trace several years before? And what is the Anderson sisters' connection to another set of twin girls, Viola and Sorrel Quinton, born in London on 1st January 1900?

All Harry's lines of enquiry seem to lead to the small Shropshire village of Weston Fferna and the imposing ruin of Mortmain House, standing grim and forbidding on the Welsh borders. As Harry delves into the violent and terrible history of Mortmain, in an attempt to uncover what happened to Simone and Sonia, and, one hundred years before them, to Viola and Sorrel Quinton, he finds himself drawn into a number of interlocking mysteries, each one more puzzling – and sinister – than the last.

I've not seen the final cover art, but the book's official release is set for 6/16/11. Mark your calendars and definitely add Rayne to your must try list. Dark and creepy is what she specializes in and her plots are oh, so twisty!

No word just yet on whether F&M will be doing future Rayne titles as well. The UK editions are available online for purchase. I'm guessing this will be a sort of test title for Felony & Mayhem (all the more reason for me to help spread the word!).

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Sounds super spooky; right up my alley!