Monday, April 25, 2011

The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg

So in Saturday's Pre-Pub post, I mentioned that I was currently reading through Camilla Lackberg's US debut, The Ice Princess. Here it is lunchtime on Sunday and I've just finished it. As a starting point to a new series and an introduction to an author who is extremely popular overseas, I started The Ice Princess with some high expectations. I am happy to report that Lackberg delivered on all fronts.

Erica Falck has returned to her childhood home in Fjallbacka to straighten out her family's affairs in the wake of her parents' deaths. Within just a short period of time, though, Erica experiences another loss. This time it is a friend from her past. The town of Fjallbacka is stunned when the body of Alex Wijkner is discovered. At first, it appears to have been suicide, but evidence soon reveals that Alex has been murdered. Though it's been years since Erica and Alex last spoke, Erica is determined to find out the truth behind the murder. Investigator Patrik Hedstrom is also eager to solve the case. Nothing much happens in Fjallbacka and a murder is big news. Not to mention the fact that each new clue in the case leads to further mystery. Erica and Patrik are soon working together towards a common goal -- and beginning a relationship together as well.

Lackberg's character development is her greatest strength. The mystery itself is well plotted, but the characters that carry the series forward are carefully built in this first installment. They're full of depth and the reader has a chance to get to know them very intimately, a point that I think will make many (including myself) very anxious to continue on and see what happens to them.

As I mentioned on Saturday, we won't have very long to wait. The Preacher is due out tomorrow. I'd definitely recommend getting started on the series. Lackberg is already nine books into the series, though there are currently three (with a fourth on the way) translated into English, and just two available here in the states thus far.

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CHE said...

I've read mixed reviews of the Ice Princess and was debating on whether to buy it for a long time. Now I think I will. Great review.