Friday, May 7, 2010

Blogs and Contests

So last week I signed up for the Book Blogger Hop, hosted by Jen at Crazy For Books. I've been having a ton of fun discovering other book blogs out there and hope that readers finding their way here have enjoyed my posts as well.

One of my fellow Shelfari friends and book blogers, Wonderbunny, is hosting a great contest over at her blog, Cookies, Books and Bikes. She's adding more books as she goes, but right now you can enter to win a copy of Kyra Davis's fantastically funny Sophie Katz debut or Mike Carey's first in his amazing Felix Castor series.

Lori over at Pure Imagination is giving away five copies of Jeri Smith-Ready's teen debut, Shade.

And although the Battle Royale at Literary Escapism is over, Jackie will be announcing a new mini-challenge for June on May 22. I can't wait. I've participated in both mini-challenges (and won) and am participating in the New Authors Challenge that she hosts as well (I've actually finished, but need to get all of my reviews posted here to be official).

As for me, you still have one day to get your name in for a copy of Stephenie Meyer's The Host (have you all read it already? It's really a fabulous book and it's free so enter if you haven't!) here and you have another week to enter for a copy of Brunonia Barry's Map of True Places. I've got a ton of contests coming up, so be sure to continue checkin back for new reviews and new giveaways here.


Melissa said...

Visiting you from the blog hop! I'll be following you now. :)

WonderBunny said...

Woo hoo! Thanks for this post, it was wonderful of you! I appreciate the promotion! :)