Friday, May 28, 2010

It's a Holiday Weekend!!!

Yay! Long weekend means no Monday! I hate Mondays. They're the worst day of the week. The only day that comes even close is Sunday. Why? I mean, Sunday is the weekend, right? But I usually spend Sundays with the knowledge that yet another weekend is coming to an end and another Monday is on its way soon. Once you get past Monday everything gets better, but ugh. So a long weekend with a Monday off is always the best!

And how will I be spending my weekend? Tackling the TBR of course! In the stack for this week is the highly anticipated The Passage by Justin Cronin -- I've been waiting for this book to come out for two years and I swear I did a dance when the review copy arrived. SWEETNESS!!!

Another one in the stack for this weekend is Sarah Pinborough's latest A Matter of Blood, book one in the Dog-Faced Gods series. This is a UK release that Cynthia over at High Crimes ordered in for me. I haven't seen a US release date on it yet and I love Pinborough, so I splurged.

I also have a stack of review stuff for this week including the latest R.J. Ellory release, The Anniversary Man, and S.J. Bolton's Blood Harvest. We'll see what I can accomplish in three days, though. The Passage is a hefty one, but if I can, I plan on tackling Jennifer McMahon's Dismantled this weekend as well. I know, I know! I always try to squeeze in too much! What can I say. I have high expectations of myself.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I've got an awesome pre-pub post tomorrow and I'll be announcing the winner of Mr. Shivers, too.

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