Monday, May 17, 2010

What Would You Do...

...if you had the chance to speak to yourself at age 14? Would you change anything? This is exactly the opportunity faced by seventeen-year-old Devi in Sarah Mlynowski's latest teen read.

When Devi's boyfriend breaks up with her she can't think of anything except how she wishes she'd never dated him in the first place. Then she drops her cell phone in the fountain at the mall. She's only able to call one number: her own at age fourteen. With this realization comes the idea that Devi now has the opportunity to make everything better! She can focus her time on her friends and her schoolwork and forget all about heartbreaker Bryan. But as older Devi orders younger Devi to make certain changes, things don't always turn out as they'd both like.

Such a fun read. Everyone's thought about it: what it would be like to change one thing. What would happen if they'd done something differently. I know I have. A couple of things I would tell myself:
  • Get used to exercise while you don't need it!
  • You can get better grades!
  • You're not getting into grad school so you might as well finish those two extra undergrad degrees while you can. They might help later.
Mlynowski's book has been getting attention from others as well. In this Huffington Post article, she talks about the Twitter speed the book began gaining early on. Even other authors jumped on board. Jason Pinter listed Gimme A Call as one of his "5 New Releases You Should Check Out" article, also for Huffington Post.

Gimme a Call is a quick teen read and a great look at the whole "what if?" question.

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