Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Breaking News

HarperCollins is offering a free ebook download of Vicki Petterson's first zodiac novel, The Scent of Shadows.

This is one of my absolute favorite series! If you haven't read them, here's your chance to start for free.

Still need convincing? (It's free, please tell me you're already in for it.) Anyway, if you still need a little nudge in the right direction (reading Pettersson is the right direction), then you can read my post about Scent here and my post on the second book in the series, The Taste of Night, here.

I've reviewed all four books in the Zodiac series for Bookbitch.com and you can find them each in the archives there. Book five is due out May 25 (sweet!).

A couple of extras: you can visit Vicki Pettersson's official site here. And here's a link to an interview with Las Vegas Weekly from July of last year.

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WonderBunny said...

I picked up this freebie...but I think I have a physical copy of the book too. I think I got it from pbs so no real loss and I can send it off for someone else to enjoy now.