Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We Went to a Show!

I'm kind of lame. I'm a homebody in the worst way. It doesn't help when you're trying to budget. My splurges are usually dinners out on nights when I don't feel like doing dishes.

Last night was different, though. And it actually didn't begin with last night. See I'd bought tickets to Muse last fall and waited and waited and waited until April when the concert was scheduled. I'm sure you read about that disappointment here. The tour buses were held up in the snow and the show was cancelled (did I mention I bought tickets for Muse and Silversun Pickups? We'll get to that.).

This was to be my first concert, my first show, since we moved here in 2005 when I sprang for Jason Mraz tickets (yes, my music taste is very eclectic and widespread). And the fact that it was two bands that I really wanted to see (I really want to see Muse and would have bought tickets for them either way, but SSPU was a great bonus).

I have my replacement tickets now. Different venue, different opening band, and the show's not until October. Given our last snow season (GOD I hope it's over) it's just as likely the October show will get snowed out as well. I guess I'll wait until I'm in the seats watching the show to get excited this time. SSPU are due back as well in a separate show, but unfortunately I'm too broke to buy those as well.

Anyway. I love music but haven't made many additions to my own collection of late. It's been a rough time finding new stuff I actually like. Last July, I bought Nico Vega's self-titled album after hearing the song "Beast" on a movie trailer. And the cd is fantastic. They actually came to town a few months later, but I didn't go.

Still a little upset over not seeing Muse, I started looking for shows. I missed Vampire Weekend (found out about it a day before so of course it was sold out), and I missed Punch Brothers. When I saw Nico Vega listed for a new show in Denver, I bought tickets that night. No way was I missing out on yet another band that I actually wanted to see. And they were cheap so they didn't hurt so bad.

The show was last night at The Walnut Room in Denver, a pretty cool place that's got a bar and some fantastic pizza in addition to the live music venue. And I have to say the prices are extremely reasonable on food, drinks, and tickets.

Frentik, Sara Slaton, and Sara Haze each played first- I bought Frentik's ep for my little sister - I have to say the first three acts were all pretty good, just completely different from Nico Vega. I mean the only thing they really have in common are the female frontmen. It was a bit of a surprise. The Frentik lead singer and Sara Slaton are both Denver locals and Haze is touring to promote her first cd (her song "My Own Hands to Hold" was featured on an episode of The Hills). This was actually the final show in Nico Vega's current tour.

The doors opened at 7:30 and the show started at 8. Nico Vega started setting up around 11 and HOLY SHIT! It was so worth the wait. They completely rocked out! I mean ROCKED OUT! Mike even liked them and Mike and I never like the same stuff.

They're due back in Denver on June 10 at Bender's and I'm seriously considering going (the only thing stopping me is that my dad actually bought us tickets to see Imogen Heap the following night -- super cool, three shows this year - planned anyway -- after a five year dry spell!). I seriously want to go, though. Nico Vega should be huge. They have a fantastic sound, they put on a totally amazing show, and much as I love the cheap tickets, they deserve to be playing bigger venues with much bigger crowds.


Cheryl said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Yesh, I am watching my money as well but couldn't help but buy some books. They were a good deal.

As if I need more. I already have 2 book shelves overflowing and a pile on my night stand.

The answer in regards to author, Ryan Brown can be found in the comments section of my post.

WonderBunny said...

I am so out of the music loop, I have no idea who any of those bands are! Please don't hate me.

I am sorry it got sold out and now you don't get to see the two bands you really wanted to. At least you still get to see one.