Monday, May 31, 2010

A Passage Update

So my extended holiday weekend is almost over and of course I set my sights too high for reading goals. That was to be expected, though.

I'm about halfway through Justin Cronin's The Passage as we speak and I'm totally loving it. In truth, I didn't devote my whole weekend to it as planned. We bought a grill Friday night -- I say bought, but in reality we'd saved some reward points and coupons so that even in our budget crunched state we could buy the thing. Now it'll be another three years before a splurge buy!

So we grilled steaks on Friday and I rounded out the evening with an IFC movie called The Disappeared, which actually turned out to be pretty good. Then we spent Saturday at the Boulder Creek Festival and grilled for dinner again, this time hamburger patties that we served up with mac and cheese, broccoli, and grilled bananas ('cause Mike's going grill crazy). We watched a crazy hail storm that evening and then It's Complicated.

Yesterday I did spend most of the afternoon reading, but then took a break to fix chicken tacos for supper and watch the first episode of the Syfy movie Tin Man. Mike thought it was a little cheesy but I really enjoyed it. Two more eps to go.

And here we are on Memorial Day. I made us breakfast and checked out the launch of Cooking Channel and am back to The Passage. It's completely amazing. I mean completely amazing. Whatever you think you know about this book, whatever you think you expect, well... all I can say is that you should prepare to be blown away.

It's post-apocalyptic. It's vampires. It's crazy intricate world building. It's quite a read!

I've got onions pickling for potato salad (just one version I make, inspired by the potato salad we had at The Salt Lick in Austin last summer -- you pickle the onions and then you mix BBQ sauce, mayo, mustard, and vinegar into the potatoes. Yum!) and hot dogs planned for the grill this evening. Possibly grilling up some romaine lettuce for salad, too. (Try it, pop the whole romaine heart or the individual leaves on the grill with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper and it's wonderful!)

Hope you guys are enjoying your day off, if you have a day off. And if you're working today, I hope you at least get some down time this evening to kick back and relax.


Vickie said...

Becky: Sounds like you had a fab weekend. Today was the first not doin' much day of the days off. DH and Lady K had four days off, they played golf on Friday..I worked..then DH finished the brick project that widens our driveway with old Fort Scott, KS brick that my dad has been bringing from my mom's house.
Saturday was hair appt for Lady K and diggin' in the dirt for the veggie garden and flowerbeds. Sunday was mowing the lawn and friends over for smoked ribs, sour potatoes and corn on the cob. Today was my morning for spa pedicure, then lunch out at Tres Margaritas (brought DH and Lady K along since they like the place too). Put some more plants into the ground and then I got to read the rest of the afternoon while Lady K played with her buddies and DH cleaned the garage. Burgers and sour potatoes for dinner and now chill time before bed.

Unknown said...

Hey you! I too enjoyed Tin Man, ignoring some of the cheesy scenes. :) Had a good day lounging about with the loving husband.

Becky LeJeune said...

Jen: I still have one part left of the show. I need to watch the Alice in Wonderland one as well.

Vickie: I'm jealous of your spa pedicure, but sounds like you deserve one after working all weekend!