Monday, July 20, 2009

Moving News

Ok, I won't go so far as to say we're settled (most of my belongings are in our front room and my kitchen is a total catastrophe.), but we are in and I am in the process of cleaning the other house (nope, roomie is not helping AT ALL, and he's still living there).

I've gotten my first mail at the new house! We bought a router, got cable, phone, and internet hooked up (after quite an ordeal) and bought phones. Money, money, money out the window!

I'm completely exhausted. My first night, being me, I had myself convinced that every new noise was something to worry about. My only saving grace was that the dog had absolutely no reaction to them, so we must have been safe.

I cheated on the diet, multiple times, thanks to my kitchen mess -- I'm having trouble putting things away because I have no idea where I want to put them. I feel like there's going to be a better place no matter where they end up and so I just sit and think about it and get nothing done!

It's like that pretty much all over the house. Agh! Time is ticking away and the longer it takes, the closer I am to having to pack it all up again. So frustrating renting.

Anywho. I'm trying to get back on the wagon with everything -- reading, diet, gym, housework, work work -- and I'm going to try and figure out how to relax when my entire house is flipped upside down ('cause I need some sleep tonight). Hard to settle when you feel like there's so much to be done, right?

Oh, and we have a gazillion people living next to us, I've been stalked this week by a seven-year-old, and I can finally watch True Blood thanks my being suckered into a "special package" including HBO for a year. Mmmm, I can already picture the hours wasted in front of the TV.


Vickie said...

*grin* a seven year old stalker?

Vickie said...

Oh, and DH gave in and we have HBO now so I can get my True Blood fix on.