Saturday, July 18, 2009

Moving Update

Hi, all!. Sorry I didn't post yesterday. We started slowly moving stuff on Wed, but we're trying to get everything else in the house tonight.

I'll be offline until Monday (if everything goes well and the cable lady told the truth about bumping us up from a Wed appt).

Not sure where everything is going to go in the new house and have very angry kitties at the moment. Cheating on the diet as well with Carl's Jr. for lunch and pizza for supper -- it's kind of hard to prepare veggies and all that stuff when your entire kitchen is in boxes!

Ok, see you all on Monday. For a weekend book rec, I've been relaxing with Jonathan L. Howard's Johannes Cabal the Necromancer during the move. Will let you guys know how it is next week (it's pretty funny if you have a sort-of dark sense of humor -- I"m really enjoying it, just wish I could curl up with it longer than it takes for me to pass out!).

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Unknown said...

Good luck! Hope everything goes smoothly (I'm sure the kitties will forgive you). Give me a call when you get settled and definitely let us know about that book. I'd been wondering if it was worthwhile.